When remodeling a kitchen or bath, granite countertops have long been the go to standard. Durability, value, and natural beauty are only three of the reasons that many homeowners choose granite for their homes. But what about your color options? Again, granite surfaces rise to the top.

There is a wide choice of options when deciding on your countertop color. We have seen neutral colors of granite become increasingly more popular. Homeowners are moving and remodeling more frequently and more homes are discovering the benefits of using neutral colors that appeal to a wide array of decorating options.

Why Neutral Granite Colors

Neutrals work well with any decorating style. By using largely neutral colors like gray, brown, white, and beige the designs are visually restful. Nature-based elements like granite tend to be inherently neutral themselves and thus provide a lovely, restful complement to a neutral space’s décor. Unlike bold choices, you will never get tired of neutral and it's unlimited options to accessorize.


Countertops are a central piece to any kitchen or bath. By choosing a neutral granite color it allows you to change up the surroundings without having to redo the countertops. Granite's natural beauty goes well with any choice of cabinet, tile, flooring, or paint color. This gives you a lot of decorating flexibility. As your taste and trends change you can leave your surfaces in place should you want to remodel in the future.

You Can Be Neutral and Unique

Decorating with neutral colors offers a multitude of ways to add personality to your rooms. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring! In fact, a calm, neutral backdrop allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your design that may otherwise look too bright or harsh. Introduce dazzling colors, interesting shapes, and/or luxurious patterns and prints to make your kitchen stand out with your own personal style.


The best thing about neutral granite colors is that they are very versatile. You can pair them with almost anything. This type of granite will withstand the test of time not only in quality, but also style. Neutral granite will show off your design and complement the surrounding area.

Neutral Granite Countertop Colors to Get You Started

Azul Nuevo

Colonial White

Crema Caramel

Luna Pearl

Sienna Bordeaux

White Springs