The secret to a successful kitchen renovation that includes installation of granite counters is in the preparation. We take on most of this process and help you through every step, but it is nice to know exactly what to expect after choosing your new countertops. Here are a few tips to prepare your kitchen or bath for a painless and perfect countertop installation.

Templating - Granite is solid and will not flex. For this reason it is important to have exact measurements. You may have taken a rough measurement of your spaces to get your estimate but once you have chosen your granite material we will schedule one of our professionals to create a template. The template is used to cut your countertop for an exact fit and allows you to preview what your countertop will look like. If you choose a granite slab with a lot of color and pattern changes, the template can also be used to select the exact slab area for your countertop and seams.


Things to be aware of while templating:

  • Schedule a time when you can be available. This is the step where you determine the exact layout of your kitchen and appliances. Ask and answer any questions so you know exactly what to expect at install.
  • Have your sink and faucets available so that we can determine the proper spacing for cutouts. If we are not providing the backsplash, let us know the thickness so we can adjust the faucets clearance space.
  • Appliances should be in place or exact measurements given. Don't forget to take into account any additional area needed for door openings on refrigerators, stoves and dish washers.
  • Cabinets must be attached and level. Shims can be used for minor adjustments but ideally this will be done on the cabinets themselves prior to the countertop installation.

To get the most accurate measurements, existing countertops should be removed. We offer tear out service for laminate, and tile countertops at the time of templating. Stone countertop tear out is also available but will be done prior to when the templaters are scheduled to measure.

Fabrication - Once your template is complete and you have chosen the position on your slab we deliver it to our fabrication shop for cut out. This is where your countertop will take shape. The template pattern is cut, sink and appliance areas are removed and the edge pattern you selected will be honed and polished.


Countertop fabrication usually takes 1 to 2 days for an average kitchen. Once the countertop is cut and polished, you will be contacted to set your appointment for installation.

Installation - In most cases, we schedule your countertop installation within one week after the template has been completed. We will set up the install time so that you can choose a morning or afternoon and on install day the installers will call 30 minutes ahead to let you know of their arrival. The average kitchen installation will be completed that day.

How to prepare for countertop installation:

  • Clear existing counter tops of any small appliances, coffee makers, etc.
  • Major appliances should be disconnected and electric, water and gas lines turned off.
  • Provide an easy path to the work area. Granite counters can be very heavy so the closest entry and parking is best.
  • Protect floors along the entry path with a drop cloth.
  • Some dust may be created during the install so turn off heat or AC and cover vents in the work area.
  • Once the install has been completed, you can schedule a plumber and/or electrician to reconnect sinks and appliances.

Greenville Countertops takes great pride in every installation we do. Although the entire process may seem a little daunting at first, we will be with you helping every step of the way.

Our team of templaters, fabricators and installers have been growing our reputation as the best in the area so we provide you with the highest level of quality for your countertop purchase, fabrication and installation.